The Brother Grimsby – A Classical English Comedy Movie

The brothers Grimsby

You’ll have tons of laugh watching this movie. One of the most attractive factors of the movies is the contrast in character between the Grimsby brothers. If Sebastian is a super spy with the duty to saving the world, then Nobby is a family man who is goofy and always come up with stupid pranks. After 30 years of separation, Nobby was very happy and want to make up the lost time with his brother. However, the brothers got themselves involved in a mission to save the world with a whole lot of trouble. And Nobby with his purest intention of helping his brother caused Sebastian to assassinate the wrong target. Thus, the brothers were hunted by both the terrorist and MI6. The two actor have received many praises from critics. Their acting was fantastic, it’s so surprising that two none-related actors could create such a good movie. It makes me feel like they’re actual brother in real life.

 Penelope Cruz, Isla Fisher, and Rebel Wilson

Sacha Baron Cohen (as Nobby) is an actor that was born with the face to make people laugh. The actor starred in each of his movies and all of them was a big hit. He was the star in the big comedy movie Borat (2006). You could also find his familiar face in The Dictator, Anchorman 2,…

On the other hand, Mark Strong (as Sebastian) is an actor with a manly face who always play in a serious role. You could find him in Kingsman: A Secret Service, Sherlock Holmes,… This makes his combination with Sacha Baron Cohen on The Grimsby Brother a hilarious dual.

The movie also has the participation of “the Spanish rose” Penelope Cruz, Isla Fisher, and Rebel Wilson. You can expect a lot of laugh from these combinations. What are you waiting for, let’s watch the brothers Grimsby online free.

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