3 best place to watch free movies

3 best place to watch free movies

Nowadays, instead of watching movies via television depending on television station, there is a way which is more convenient for you to see movies you love for free whenever you want. All you need is a computer/smartphone/tablet with an Internet connection.

There are a lot of places to watch movies like free movies on cmovieshd, but not all of them can update new continuously, make sure they are safe for your device and are valid choices.

I have 3 best places to watch free movies for you, which can totally meet your demand for quality, safety and convenience.


Having over 2 billion users, YouTube is one of the top online sites, which includes not only movies trailers, vlogges, etc. but also provide you many free movies. Using YouTube, you don’t have to worry about movies’ qualification and copyright.
YouTube’s developers have set many policies and controlled strictly to make sure that you are watching movies on a totally safety system. With R-rated movies, it requires an account that has information meeting demands.

There are different channels on YouTube, so you have many choices. You can watch not only movies but also TV shows, which you missed out before. Besides, making a channel yourself is a good idea in case you want to archive your videos.

There is also an application for smartphone which helps you use YouTube easily, makes sure that you can’t miss out any movies, TV shows you like.

Although it doesn’t have an adequate list of movies, but YouTube is still a site that you should consider.


Being a partner of Sony Picture, Crackle provide you a large amount of free movies which are high-quality. There may be a few commercial breaks, but they are very short.

Crackle doesn’t requires any exactly device that you use to watch free movies, it seems to be spectacular on every size of screen.


Crackle has a free application you can download for whatever smartphone you are using. You don’t have to sign up Crackle to stream free movies. However, if you register with Crackle, it will allow you to watch every movie you want, even R-rated ones without entering your age.

Crackle has adequate player options, this is more comfortable for you to watch movies. But the closed caption settings you configure don’t apply for only the one you watch.


Popcornflix is a legal website which allows you to watch stream free movies in both U.S and Canada.  Popcornflix

With Popcornflix, an account is unnecessary. So it is so easy for you to choose a movie in seconds.

There are applications which is available on iOS and Android, called PopcornflixKids, which is built only for children. There are only kids movies here, and you don’t have to wonder whether your children can watch some movies which are not fit in their age.

If you prefer watching horror movies, Popcornflix has an additional website called FightPix that contain only free movies in this kind.

In the other hands, there are also things that Popcornflix should improve, such as addition to video player options. In general, however, this is still a good choice if you are looking for a nice place to visit.


All of these sites are most safe without any virus item. They are all popular and can provide you the best quality for movies. Check this list and make a comparison, you can receive an overview. I hope that they can help you find out a sites which is a nice place to watch free movies in the most convenient way.

An Attractive Criminal Drama for Bollywood Fans

Talvar Feature Image

Summary of The Content of The Film:

An investigator with long experience in work, he is facing a contradictory hypothesis about the perpetrator in a violent murder. The victim is a girl who was killed in a party, the cause and motives are still unknown, including the victim’s family who does not understand the cause, almost a clue to the case being wiped out. Besides it, you can visit here to watch talvar movie online. Talvar Summary

If you’ve ever watched Indian and Bollywood films, you probably realize that investing in movies, movie, actors, and techniques … for these movies is no less than a movie. Which big in the world. To make their films attractive to audiences, movie producers are poised to pour millions of dollars into the movie.

Promoting and Marketing Movies and Cinema

Indian cinema and Bollywood always know how to make a difference for their products. In addition to investment from the budget, India does not regret the money when it “swung” to promote the image for each film in a variety of countries around the world to enhance the cinema status.

India is also actively involved in world famous film festivals. The admirable history and traditions, the powerful creative forces of Indian filmmakers, are a great example of immortality. ” Impressive indian movie


Impressive Inside Indian Movies

If you have ever seen Indian films, then audiences realize that the movies of Indian cinema leave a deep impression. It is these two elements of music and dance that make up the distinction of Indian films. Often, music and dance are only seen in music films, but with India, these two elements are present in all the movies. Usually, a movie will appear songs and dances 3 to 4 times. The music was selected carefully for the melody, in addition to the dance was performed epic with the participation of many people.

The Brother Grimsby – A Classical English Comedy Movie

The brothers Grimsby
The brothers Grimsby
credit: joblo.com

You’ll have tons of laugh watching this movie. One of the most attractive factors of the movies is the contrast in character between the Grimsby brothers. If Sebastian is a super spy with the duty to saving the world, then Nobby is a family man who is goofy and always come up with stupid pranks. After 30 years of separation, Nobby was very happy and want to make up the lost time with his brother. However, the brothers got themselves involved in a mission to save the world with a whole lot of trouble. And Nobby with his purest intention of helping his brother caused Sebastian to assassinate the wrong target. Thus, the brothers were hunted by both the terrorist and MI6. The two actor have received many praises from critics. Their acting was fantastic, it’s so surprising that two none-related actors could create such a good movie. It makes me feel like they’re actual brother in real life.

 Penelope Cruz, Isla Fisher, and Rebel Wilson
credit: http://hdonline.vn/

Sacha Baron Cohen (as Nobby) is an actor that was born with the face to make people laugh. The actor starred in each of his movies and all of them was a big hit. He was the star in the big comedy movie Borat (2006). You could also find his familiar face in The Dictator, Anchorman 2,…

On the other hand, Mark Strong (as Sebastian) is an actor with a manly face who always play in a serious role. You could find him in Kingsman: A Secret Service, Sherlock Holmes,… This makes his combination with Sacha Baron Cohen on The Grimsby Brother a hilarious dual.

The movie also has the participation of “the Spanish rose” Penelope Cruz, Isla Fisher, and Rebel Wilson. You can expect a lot of laugh from these combinations. What are you waiting for, let’s watch the brothers Grimsby online free.